Vimto Minis Banners

Banner Ads - Developed for Vimto

Vimto Minis Banners - Banner Ads
Vimto Minis Banners - Banner Ads


For a brand that's been around for over 100 years, the Vimto company are doing everything right to remain at the top of the beverage industry. They continue to market themselves competitively with comedic, tongue-in-cheek branding, exactly the kind of humour and client we love!


Vimto introduced a new 250ml smaller sized bottle with sports cap to their product line and were looking to add in some online advertising to their marketing campaign. They briefed us to build banner advertisements to attract traffic to their website. Banner ads, aka web banners, are a great advertising tool as customers are visually engaged and encouraged to click through, which leads them directly to the advertiser's target page.


We completed this Vimto brief successfully; the HTML5 banner ads contributed towards an increase in brand awareness and generated further traffic for the client. Due to the varying media content of each campaign e.g. simple static or complicated animation and strict size measurements that are in place, the complexity of work certainly ranges and shows our skillset is broad and unique to each client!