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Flash Games

Koko are one of the UK’s leading specialists in the production and distribution of viral games. Creating addictive games is our passion, it’s what we love, and it’s been at the heart of our business since launching back in 2007. Our bespoke viral games are designed from the ground up based upon the understanding of your business, your target audience, and your campaign objectives.

Viral games (often referred to as advergames, branded games, promotional games, or browser games) can be a fantastic way to inject a boost into your digital marketing campaign, often delivering a combination of brand awareness, product promotion, engagement, customer acquisition, data capture, direct sales, social likes, web traffic, and last but not least - fun!

Typically developed in the form of a flash game, games are virally seeded to thousands of websites, blogs, feeds, and forums. Most games also include some sort of competition in order to encourage users to sign up to newsletters, product offers or various other forms of data capture.

Go Social!
Once you have a viral game developed, with careful planning it can be straight forward to adapt this to cover other types and platforms too. For example, many clients who have an online game developed in the form of a viral game will also have the game adapted to fit within their Facebook page too, with specific tweaks to increase page likes, data capture, or even modified slightly to integrate a user's photos, friends, or various social actions.

Go Sticky!
Many clients also choose to host a version of the game on their own website or blog to use as sticky content, keeping users on their website for longer periods and giving them another reason to come back again and again.

Go Mobile!
With the rise of the mobile and tablet platform, there's also the option to release the online game as either a HTML5 version, playable within the browser of most popular smart-phones and tablet devices.  You can even have the game converted into an app ready for submission to the most popular App Stores, covering Apple, Android, and Windows devices.

Go Koko!
So whether you’re looking to generate mass exposure, customer engagement, data capture, or web traffic, please get in touch today as we’d love to chat to you about your viral game requirements.

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