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Social Apps

Social media has become a big part of every campaign. As part of your social campaign you might want to consider creating a social app. Essentially these apps integrate the core functionality available within social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. We utilize their API’s so that we can integrate a users social profile within an app. It might be that users can share content easily within the app with their friends or that their friends form an integral part of the app enhancing the user’s experience. They might be competing against their friends for bragging rights or they could be working together to further enhance their experience or chance within a competition.

As more and more people are becoming actively involved on social networks it makes perfect sense to use their social status to your advantage. This will give you greater access to a larger audience and help increase the viral spread of your campaign.

If you are looking to benefit from a social app then please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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